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Kiridashi in AEB-L @ 62/63RC, nutmeg Maze micarta from @g.l._hansenandsons ,vintage Westinghouse micarta liners, and paper micarta pins. 

OAL - 6.3”/160mm
Blade - 2.6”/66mm
Mass - 3oz/84g

This one is SOLD for $325 check/$338 PayPal. I can make kydex for +$40 or send it to Paul Long for leather for approx +$150-175. Thank you.



Venwyr in AEB-L @ 62RC, yellow & dark green canvas micarta from Greg Hansen @unique_micarta ,vintage Westinghouse micarta liners/spacers, and copper. 


OAL - 8.2”/208mm
Blade - 4”/102mm
Mass - 3.7oz/106g

This one is SOLD $405 check/$421 PayPal. I can make kydex for +$40 or send it to Paul Long for leather for approx +$150-175. Thank you.


Goodblood Auction

Goodblood variant in 5160.  This piece was hardened to 59RC and the spine was then drawn back with a torch to a spring temper.  The blade is distally tapered, fullerized, and convex ground.  The tang is lightly tapered.  The handle is stabilized koa from Uncle Pete along with forest green G10 and copper liners/pins.  Balances 1.7" in front of the scales. 


OAL - 19.5”/495mm
Blade - 14.75”/375mm
CoM - 1.7”/43mm
Mass - 20.9oz/593g

Auction details:

- Auction ends on Saturday, August 11th at 5PM Central Time.

- Minimum $25 bid increase please

- 10 Minute anti-snipe rule 

- International bidders will be responsible for additional shipping costs and will assume all risk of damage/loss while in transit

- Please email your bid to shawn@hatcherknives.com with your full name and phone number 

- Winning bidder will have the option of a kydex sheath (will leave rub marks on the blade) or Paul Long leather for additional cost (approx. $150-250 depending on type of leather/options).

Current High Bid:  Auction has ended. Thank you to all who bid.  Winning bid: $3250

Venator SV in AEB-L @ 62RC, Uncle Pete’s @peteskustomkoa stabilized & dyed mango, ivory paper micarta, G10, and copper.


OAL - 8”/203mm

Blade - 3.75”/95mm

Mass - 4.4oz/125g

This one is available for SOLD $420. Kydex sheath for +$35 or Paul Long leather sheath for approx +$125. Thank you for following my work.


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