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Panthera - Straffan Forge/Hatcher Collaboration Auction

This is a collaboration project that I made with my friend Branwell McClory of Straffan Forge.  I sent Branwell a few concept drawings, from which he chose one to forge in his incredible high-count/low-count twist damascus.  He then sent the knife to me for grinding, heat-treating, and finishing.  The koa is from another good friend, Pete of Petes Koa Customs.

- .210"/5.5mm 1080/15N20 damascus steel by Straffan Forge

- 19"/483mm OAL

- 13.25"/337mm blade

- 19.2oz/545g 

- Shallow hollow blended to convex, distal taper, double edged

- Tapered tang

- Etched finish

- Stabilized koa scales, natural paper micarta liners, and copper corby bolts/pin/lanyard tube

- Photos and videos below, including the quenching of the knife

Auction Rules:

- Auction ends Friday February 24th at 5PM Central Time with a 5-minute anti-sniping rule.

- Minimum $50 bid increase please.

- Sheath options - I can make a kydex sheath or I can send the piece to Paul Long for his world-class leather.  The kydex WILL leave marks on the blade - and I honestly think this knife deserves Paul's leather.  Paul offers an amazing variety of styles and materials to fit your budget/needs.

- I will ship international, but the buyer will be responsible for additional shipping fees (usually around $60-80US) and will assume all risk of damage/loss.  

- Please email your bid amount and full name to shawn@hatcherknives.com 

Current high bid: $1550 - Auction has ended.  Thank you!

Thank you! Smile


 Video of the quench:

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