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Scipulaes Auction

This is a collaborative project that I made with Jason Morrissey.  Jason forged this short sword in his mosaic damascus steel and sent it to me to finish out.  I documented this build on Instagram with the hashtag #morrisseyhatchercollab

Steels used in the damascus are 1080, 1084, and 15N20.  The hilt is made with desert ironwood, carbon fiber, and copper.  It is of peened-tang construction.


OAL - 18.75”/476mm
Blade - 12.6”/320mm
CoM - 1.8”/45mm
CoP - 7.2”/185mm
Mass - 23.6oz/669g

Auction details:

- Auction ends on Friday, April 20th at 5PM Central Time.

- Minimum $50 bid increase please

- 10 Minute anti-snipe rule 

- International bidders will be responsible for additional shipping costs and will assume all risk of damage/loss while in transit

- Please email your bid to shawn@hatcherknives.com with your full name and phone number 

Current High Bid: $4500 Auction has ended.  Thank you to all who bid. 






























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